15th International Scientific Conference
on Sustainable, Modern and Safe Transport
May 29 – 31, 2023
Mikulov, Czech Republic

Main Topic/Subtopics

Main Topic/Subtopics
Main topic: Operation and Economics in Transport 
  • Transport Policy
  • Markets with Transport and Postal Services
  • Benchmarking of Transport and Postal Enterprises
  • Logistics in Transport
  • Transport systems in Countries, Regions and Cities
  • Quality in Transport and Postal Services
  • Operational Models in Transportation and Posts
Main topic: Mechanical Engineering in Transport 
  • Materials and Technology in Transport
  • Modelling and Simulation in Transport
  • Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation in Transport
  • Thermodynamics, Energy and Environment in Transport
  • Kinematics, Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems in Transport
  • Design, Manufacturing and Product Development in Transport
  • Surface Engineering in Transport
  • Industrial Engineering in Transport
  • Automotive in Transport
Main topic: Electrical Engineering in Transport 
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in Transport
  • Power Electronics and Autotronics in Transport
  • Power Electrical Systems in Transport
  • Control and Information Systems in Transport and Industry
  • Materials and Technologies for Transport
  • Robotics and Cybernetics in Transport
  • Mechatronics in Transport
Main topic: Civil Engineering in Transport 
  • Transportation Infrastructure - Bridges
  • Transportation Infrastructure - Roads
  • Transportation Infrastructure - Railways
  • Transportation Infrastructure - Geotechnics
  • Transportation Infrastructure - Construction
  • Transportation Infrastructure - Mechanics
  • Transportation Infrastructure - Buildings
  • Transportation Planning and Engineering
  • Transport and Environment
Main topic: Management Science and Informatics in Transport 
  • Optimisation and Simulation Methods in Transport
  • Intelligent Transport Systems and Networks
  • Information Systems in Transport
  • Geoinformatics and GIS in Transport
  • Computer Science for Transport
Main topic: Safety and Security Engineering in Transport 
  • Critical Infrastructure in Transport
  • Emergency and Crisis Management in Transport
  • Accident Response in Transport
  • Risk Assessment in Transport
  • Fire Safety in Transport
  • Security Management in Transport
Main topic: Travel and Tourism Studies in Transport Development 
  • Place Branding and Comparative Advantage - the Infrastructure
  • Co - Creation as a Possibility of Transportation Improvement in Cities
  • Innovations, Creativity and New Forms of Communication in Cities